Latest Video:

Motion Pictures

Music videos are a key component in today's music industry. Trip C has been striving to create the highest quality videos possible while having interesting subject matter and audio to accompany it. Here are some examples, many more to come!


A double video, and we definitely make a mess.


Smokin' on grapes with B. and the gang.


A summertime classic blaring out the yard.


A small peak into the recording process.


Multi-$av. gets to work on the dancefloor.


Grab a piece of chicken if you talkin' money.


Benny The Jet flexes in the Iowa City sunshine!

Sleep, Less

Zander produced a trippy hit for $av. and Jay Cortez.


Video for Leoski D, it was quite an experience..


Fyndee Boyy runs the block late night.

You Sauced

The boys get sauced with Benny The Jet in Iowa!

Who Am I

Zander is seeing things, it might not be the hangover..

Baila Conmigo

The boys found a new director. Time to dance!

Black Sun

The boys have a hard time dealing with loss..


My girl's been kissing other girls!

Don't Matter

The $av. boys need you to know it doesn't matter.

Live Life

The $av. boys spread the love on a dreary day.

Go Crazy

The $av. boys get destructive.

New Freezer

New song over a popular beat.


A poetic look at the last three months.


A late night awake with a twisted mind.

Oak St.

A leisurely skate through Oak Park, IL. 

Live Unplugged

OP $av. Live @ The Waterhole.

Feel It

Allie B sings the soundtrack for this late night party.


A late night drive turns into a lyrical barrage.

Come Thru

Going on an unintentional double date.

Karate Kidd

Practicing trap house karate.

OP $av: Ep. 5

Walking around though the fields.

OP $av: Ep. 4

I don't usually talk about poetry this much.

OP $av: Ep 3

Exploring music through projected color.

OP $av: Ep 2

Skating through Isla Vista, and Willz drops a freestyle.

OP $av: Ep 1

Fix a guitar, relapse, and a little lost.

Hit Me Up

A late night dance through Iowa City.