Mike Watts Masters

EMAIL: mikewatts.masters@gmail.com


Mike Watts has been involved in music for over a decade. He has been a member of groups and bands ranging from jazz to rap to metal to classical and also his solo work as Melomind. Now he is offering the services that were originally reserved for good friends and collaborators, to the public!



Consulting, how can you make your song more radio ready, more interesting?


Production, you can collaborate with Mike to make the perfect instrumental for you or craft the sound of your vocals. Or choose from one of his professionally made instrumental tracks complete with all stems if necessary.


Mixing, to even out volume levels, add effects where necessary and prepare your track to be the loudest it can be.


Mastering, taking your track from a bedroom production to a clear, thumping, LOUD song. Compete with others for loudness and quality.


Remixing, if you want it, send your song over!



Let me take your song to the next level and beyond for cheaper than any over-priced over-confident not-that-raw recording studio ever could.

EMAIL: mikewatts.masters@gmail.com

payments to: mikemelodrum@yahoo.com on paypal

Ask for The Works!


Track master

..Up to 3 versions

...Done within 1 day guaranteed

Ask about Videos!

Professional camera work/editing!


See OP $av. for examples.