OP $av. - Go Crazy

The Sav boys get destructive as they lose their temper in the first single from Rollercoasters. Original saxophone by Tim Watts completes this fat production made for you to lose everything in the club. Watch yourself!



Mad world

Good kids

Bad girl

Show biz


Not this

Don’t ruin my vibe when we just now getting to thrive.


Too late

He’s hype

I see red

Suge Knight

Looks like he looking for a bar fight

And I might just have to oblige


Cause when I’m behind the wheel people getting out the way

Cut the whole line at Chick-fil-a

Taking too long no time to wait

Feel like imma lose my mind today

Eighty running red lights, don’t worry baby

One day this will earn us a new mercedes

But all this stress been had me lately

Tell the truth, I don’t know what Imma do


Might just go crazy



Man Im boutta flip a table

Get the hell up outta way

Y’aint tryna get hit

Homie raise up out my face

When Im driving road rage

Hope it bring me old age

If you hop up out the whip

Then you tryna get erased

Spray K’s

All day

Old heads always tryna get replaced

New $av. cut ya throat and then we skate

Leave the blood steady dripping on the mula

For the free if you tryna get based

Young boy I’m a rock star Imma be late

Y’all bool with the cops y’all don’t wanna be great

I don't cool wit a opp hell nah I’m skraight

Need another cigarette

I ain’t cool off yet

Chainsmokin hope it get me out my feelings

Feel the fire in my chest finna blow off all the ceilings

No advice

It’s unappealing

All the caps up inna text got me screaming

Might just go crazy!



(Chief Keef Skit)



Pushin homies off a train livin life for the moment

Might be really insane hope I never have to own it

Feelin lonely in my room

This is what I really wanted

Gotta swing never buntin

This is what I really wanted

I can do it by myself never needed you for nothing

Poker face, straight flush but you always know Im always bluffin

Sling barbs all day hope they never get to cutting

Hope they never get to cutting

And I know it’s not enough

I might just go CRZY!



All you doing lately

Screaming like a baby

I’m a little more hades

Flames from the head top

Drizzy Drake, bedrock

Hotter than wasabi if you try me when the meds stop

Do it for the culture

Rope gang soldier

Adam twenty two, making moves, thought I told ya

Balling no jumper

Road for the summer

Stank face dunker, russ on the thunder


I been tryna keep my cool you always underestimate

It could be fine, act a fool any other date

Know you lyin, like you cruel, tryna emulate

What you see online, after school, like you heavy weight

God damn, Fake friends

Fake news, CNN

Make we wanna riot, you should try it, kill the president

Purge time, No rules

I might kick the queen in her crown jewels


I might cause a scene If the wrong people roll through



Damn these haters thirsty

Let em sip

If you feeling in the worst way

Take a rip

Shake it like an earthquake

Off the ric

Rage like a lunatic

Rage like a lunatic