OP $av. - New Freezer (Remix)

OP $av. remixes Rich The Kid and Kendrick Lamar's New Freezer. Watch above as the boys hit New York City and create an entirely different song over the same beat.



Grocery list 

Write out all my groceries bih

Crazy n reckless

Ice chain

Diamond ring bling

Imma get it

That wasn’t flexin

I was just messin

Thank god for the family

Throwing the blessings

Couple of exes

I shouldn’t mention

But fuck it I’m rich

All these bitches can get it




You know I can’t help it

She do it just for the sneakers

I swear to god I’m super selfish

I kept it all to myself

I didn’t need any help

Make sure the brothers is well

We spent a quarter of ya budget

And I’m feelin swell!



She taking pics in the foyer

She don't care if I stare

Whole crib got more stairs

Than I try to compare

He's too soft to break you off

Problem solved with Molotov

Take a pause I have to cough




Adderall is all that's in me

Haven't eaten since probably Whitney

Houston a problem I don't care to witness


Little hyperbolic I'll get back to the topic

Running these courts

You'll of course play for the wrong side

Making moves taking meetings

I don't even have to go outside



Don’t be talkin to my section

Have respect for all ya elders

Young boss like Batman

Albert steady talkin reckless

Life is savage

Lavish master

Movin faster

Yo Not bad for struggle rapper

Make it clappa

Seem like all she eat is d-


pardon me

I ju forgot priorities

I wanna juggle everything that I said in 

The last 3 sentences,



Pardon me

I ju forgot priorities

Seem like all she eat is dick 

When we done she just rewarding me



Lady luck she give it up

Wanna fuck

But then take it right back

Run amock and make a buck

Then fuck me up

Baby I like that!

I got a fast pass

For tapping that beautiful fat ass

Left hand how I sign 'graphs

You cute but your mind bad.




Pardon me

I ju forgot priorities

Seem like all she eat is dick