OP $av. - Empty The Bag

Join the gang as they refuse to retain anything they have. Step 1: find a way to secure the bag. Step 2: once the bag is secure, empty that BAG!



Empty the bag

Burn up the gas

Count up the stacks

Spending the cash

Fuck what you had

Empty the bag

You wasting away, while making it last

Empty the bag

Burn up the gas

OP $av.

Spending the cash

Fuck what you had

Empty the bag

You gave us the love, we gave it right back.



Empty the bag, fuck what you had

Hopping out dripping in RAF

No going back, tape on smash

Running all out of the cash

Merch in the bag, I empty the bag

And all of you rappers is sad

Seeing why all of you mad

We racing, you coming in last

Damn, just talked to your best friend

She don't fuck with your man

We just do the water we ain't fucking with land

White owl back the truck up cuz we gotta go HAM

Like goddamn my pearl is so jam.

Yeah, dank be hella grungy when I'm out in CO

Yeah, beat on clang Dwight Howard free throw

Flow propane, stroke wet, Lonzo

Ball til I fall, if you feel me let me know

This just how it go

$av. just did the show, IC hit the road

Icy with my wrist, yeah icy with my hoes

Baggy splitting up the rip yeah better empty that shit



Empty the bag, popping the tags

Calling the run, and throwing the pass

You on the D? They throwing a flag

We running too fast, you zig when I zag


Empty the mag, muzzle it flash

You hitting the grass, I'm having a blast

Take out the trash, I'm done with the past

They told me to save, but I never asked

I'm just 22 tryna create something new

And we know just what to do

To hit the front page of the news

Pick it up slow, make it up fast, don't even matter to me

Put on a show, back on the road,

We know what they wanna see

In each hand bag swaying in the wind

Might be fresh up off a win so my paper never thin

Feel so alive, bitch Imma thrive, use up the rest of the tree

Invert the bag, shake like I'm mad

Only way til it's empty.


(Refrain: CRZY & NSNE)

Gucci bag, Louis bag, I want Prada too

We got you a garbage bag just to match your shoes

Big Baller Brand backpack number two

Catch me out in LA I might empty bags on top of you



(NSNE empty the bag skit)