OP $av. - Fingers Blue (Freemix)

Remixing one of their favorite Travis Scott songs, the gang unleashes raw emotion in the form of a brand new track. Check the original artwork and vibe along!



Savgang with the freemix.



Please don’t kill my vibe I feel alive I feel amazing

Really wanna ride my do or die she always wasted

And I am not hatin

Buck 50 roarin


Damn she so elated

I don't feel nothing


She happy for me how I won it

Glad she ain’t fueling the come up.

I’m never puntin

Throwing a check

Brady how CRZY I’m chuckin

When under duress



Journey has always been blessed

Had to get this off my chest

Dankrupt is rollin in deep

Just to set up my week

Your girl wan show me the cheeks

I do it just for the peak

Molly with twins I peak

Super like smash I geek

Toot the two twins I geek

It’s an offensive scene

ever I step onna scene

Drippin the swag I’m clean

Dopest mix you ever dream

We do not measure up

Frosty I’m cold

N Ion need medicine



Mad at myself

All of this liquor be bad for my health

Hand I was dealt

Bottle of pain that I take off the shelf

Two in the morning

Night be that life you can sleep if you bored

Closing the door

Take two of these and don't call me tomorrow

Champagne in my glass

Swear that ass got me day trippin

Laying in the grass

This the last time I'm candy flipping

Playing with cheat codes

King of the hill on the road

Taking a flight out to buffalo 

NYC for the show

Next time on the roof.

Don't know what's the truth

Roll so tight I can't breathe til my fingers blue

I'm gonna make it thru

All I need is my religion

Money, weed, a couple women

I been feeling too gifted


(Refrain: CRZY & NSNE)

Til our fingers blue x2

Savgang counting hundreds til our fingers blue



I just doin fine I’m only 22

Drop a track, original

Never need a booth

Sound so bulletproof 

Freemix for the loot

Show up to ya spot

Bag irrational 



Take a seat and listen up

I could never get enough

Living life too lush

Fuck a loss. Built tough.

Break the drive no music.

Freestyle I'll abuse

Throw aways yeah I threw it

Freemix Im into it.


(Refrain: CRZY & NSNE)

Til our fingers blue x2

Savgang counting hundreds til our fingers blue



She just empty bags and take dabs

That's my main bitch.