OP $av. - Dazed and Confused (Freestyle)

OP $av. raps an ode to Matthew McConaughey. Bounce along and try and catch all the references hidden in this energetic track.


(Louis C.K. skit)



All the windows up when I'm driving through the 70's

95 milly to my name with no place to be

Wolf of Wall Street, got the snow if you tryna ski

I'm feeling dazed, McConaughey



Big dick in your face, McConaughey

When I show up to your place I'm McConaugh-late

But that's ok, feel like Matt McConaughey

If you see me in the streets throw McConaugh-waves

Ooh, cowboy boots on my feet, McConaughey

Surfin all up on this beat




That's my kinda wave

Working for this paper

My ideas Interstellar tell the planets see you later


I'm feeling so alright alright alright

You look so right tonight tonight tonight

Magic Mike, I don't care about your copyrights

SNL this Saturday, McConaughey



Not just kinda cray

Liquor all up in my face

Savgang crew you know the gang

And we ain't even tryna play

Off the rip y'all boring and it's no debate

We the bulls long horns like McConaughey



Critics choice, Golden Globe, what more can I say?

Red carpet big shout out the academy

You underrate, I'm overpaid, you got a J?




Yup, in the star with my Musk, McConaughey

Y'all don't even smoke dutch, McConaughey

I'm on your set high as fuck, McConaughey

Oscars even know what's up, McConaughey



I'm the rom-com actor of the century

Catch me True Detecting on you TV screen

Oh we talking practice?

Let's just shoot the scene

Make you wanna hit replay




Mmm shawty, yeah that's my kinda bae

Acting too good in her kinda way

Empty bags all day, feeling so McConaugh-paid

Hear this song in the club? McConaugh-sway




White tux when I show off

Lincoln leather it be so soft

Actor, director, producer, seducer

I'm hot like the Sahara, beginning of an era





McConaugh-sway hey


McConaugh-sway McConaughey

McConaugh-sway sway, that's McConaughey


(Matt McConaughey Oscar skit)