The Impact of Social Media on Relationships

by: Caden Burkamper


In today’s world social media is almost a must for everyone to have just to stay informed on what is going on, but is social media a good thing? In his song “RT” Mike Watts argues that the modern day use of social media is having a negative impact on romantic relationships. He expresses this idea through the use of kairos, establishing his credibility, and appealing to the audience’s emotional side.It is through these ways that Mike is able to really connect with his audience and really convey his feelings, and argument.


Mike’s argument is first stated in the  first chorus, but doesn’t become obvious until the second chorus after we have heard his emotional appeals in the first verse. The line “RT RT I see how you think” is where we first see the message come to light. Mike is saying through this other person’s tweets and social media activity he can see how that person really feels about him. This causes both parties to want to be separated from each other, but Mike is upset at the abrupt feeling change by the other person and expresses his frustration through this song.


The most obvious way Mike gets his message across is through his use of kairos. To understand his use of kairos though, the intended audience needs to be identified.. It is clear that a song with many references to social media and dating, would be aimed at the youth of the world. For instance teenagers and young adults. Since the song was released on August 18th, 2017 it is a very new and modern day song. In a world where social media sites are the rave of young people, what better way to reach them, than through references to social media. For example the song’s title “RT” is an abbreviation for the word re-tweet. Which is something that is done on the modern day social media platform of “Twitter”. There are many more social media references through out the song such as “Ima just shine on the gram” this is a reference to “Instagram” or in slang terms “the gram” another very popular social media platform. The best of these references come in the third and fourth lines of the second verse “back on my feet but walking the wrong way, subtweet subtweets.” This is a clever way of putting a phrase that someone might actually post or in this case “subtweet” on social media, and helps the audience connect with Mike. It is through these types of references that Mike can really connect with his  audience. For example someone who is older would not understand these references because more than likely they are not familiar with social media. The use of kairos may be Mike’s clearest form of connecting with his audience , but it is his word choice really strengthens the connection between him and his audience that his social media references have already formed.


Mike is really good at making the audience feel like they are in the song through his word choice. Mike wrote the song in first person using words such as, I, me, I’m, and my. The choice to use these words helps to put the audience in perspective. Mike is speaking th that audience as if they were the one who wronged him. This allows the audience to feel what he is feeling. If the audience goes through the same feelings that Mike went through then they will be more likely to believe his argument. For example in the very beginning of the song, in the line “Not you, it’s me cause that’s what you say.” The usage of the word you and me really help to establish to the audience that they are in the other person’s shoes for the whole song. Now the audience knows they can relate and feel what Mike is feeling. He continues to strengthen his connection he already has with the audience by establishing his credibility.


Why would anybody listen to someone who isn’t credible? Well Mike takes care of this by establishing his credibility right away in the first verse with the line “20 months ago you pulled me in under your spell.” This shows that the relationship Mike is speaking about in the song was quite a long and serious one. He isn’t just writing about a summer fling, but a twenty month long relationship. This makes Mike credible because to be in a relationship for twenty months means you have to have deep feelings for that person, and it is because of these serious feelings that the audience can really trust what Mike has to say in his song. Thus making him credible. Mike shows his strong feelings by saying he was in “love” with the person in the very next line. It is through these strong feelings that the audience can believe what Mike has to say. Some of the same things that make Mike credible are also what makes the audience want to be on his side, because they appeal to the audience’s emotions.


By appealing to the emotions of his audience Mike’s argument becomes even more appealing. A stated earlier Mike admits he “loved” this other person, this appeals to a lot of the teenager, and young adults because lots of them have at one time or another felt great feelings for someone that did not return those same feelings. Another emotional appeal comes in the tenth line of the first verse “Twitter fingers turned to voice boxing.” Again many teenagers and young adults get in fights over posts and other things on social media. The following line “Fists get clenched when you leek my sins,” is another big emotional appeal. Many people when they get mad at someone will take to social media to embarrass someone or expose something that they would rather people didn’t know. Events like this can be very hurtful, and unfortunately it's a pain that too many teenagers and young adults have felt. This great pain is another step towards siding with Mike. The first line of the second verse “back on my feet, but walking the wrong way,” will also call to a lot of teenagers and young adults. Many people when they get out of a relationship, and get over the other person feel weird and it’s like they don’t no what they are doing. The audience at this point is beginning to relate to Mike more and more. The next set of emotional appeals come from a different viewpoint however, but still have emotional ties.


As the song progresses to the middle and end of the second verse the emotional appeals switch from appealing to people that have been hurt by someone else emotionally, to people that have fully gotten over an ex, and all the aftermath that is involved. One example comes in the lines fourteen and fifteen of the second verse “ Now you always try to hit me back, Red phone straight ignore.” This connects mike with anyone who has had someone break up with them and caused lots of pain, but then tries to get back together. Many people find the confidence to say no and these are the people Mike is appealing to in these lines.


It is through Mike’s use of kairos, credibility, and emotional appeals that it becomes obvious that social media has a negative impact on relationships. Without the heavy presence of social media in our world today there wouldn’t be as much heartache in relationships. It is through Mike’s song that everyone can experience and sympathize for the devastating pain that social media can have on relationships.  


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RT RT I feel the same way

Not you it's me cause that's what you say

I'm on my knees but baby don't stay

Here anymore

RT RT I see how you think

And I think I need a new drink

RT so fast so baby don't blink

I'm out the door


I can't believe it that you left me feeling so alive

You floored the throttle on my heart straight into overdrive

I couldn't swerve you fast enough to save my troubled mind

Left waiting on the line

I just hope that you can find some peace so deep in hell

20 months ago you pulled me in under your spell

Loved you but you took advantage of me and my wealth

I'll focus on myself

Your life your choice, not locked in

Twitter fingers turned into voice boxing

Fists get clenched when you leak my sins

Leave scorched earth underneath my timbs

Internet jason, Meyers, Kruger

Taking down accounts don't test this luger

Get a new life I'll get the movers

You remind me too much of a hoover

Girl you suck you sick you a bitch

If you gonna mention my name better tag it

If your best friend on twitter imma bag it

Retweet revenge that's a habit

Only got a hundred 40

Tryna pull a hundred shortys

Just know that I'm on your side

Not really tryna get reported


I can't believe it that you left me feeling so alive

You floored the throttle on my heart straight into overdrive

I couldn't swerve you fast enough to save my troubled mind

Left waiting on the line

I just hope that you can find some peace so deep in hell

20 months ago you pulled me in under your spell

Loved you but you took advantage of me and my wealth


Can't sleep can't sleep

Know you feel the same way

Got back on my feet but walking the wrong way

Subtweets subtweets

Ion care what you think

Not anymore

Always thought my girl had my back

Winter move cold like that

12 winter jackets in the raq

Tryna see the city get it back

All we had to do is let it go

But u always had me saying no

Laughed when I told ya I could rap

Now u always try to hit me back

Red phone straight ignore

Hell got a circle just for you

Steady throw the oo-op for the crew

Always say you drank too much

Call my phone neva giving up

Think I give a fuck

I keep my twitter on tuck

Yaint even seen wild yet

I think I need a new drink

Don't @ me fuck did u think

I do not scroll through yo shit

Fuck yo opinions ya bish

I think ya thoughts for the birds

Fuck any headline ya heard

Imma just shine on the gram

Curve u in front of your mans

Froggy best leap if he can

Squad be some dangerous men

Savage be gunning ya friends

I'm just saying

We never played in the minors

DM shots all fire

All my shit gets admired... like

Retweet retweet

Retweet retweet


The Impact of Social Media on Relationships
A lyrical analysis of the song RT by OP $av.
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