OP $av. - RT (produced by Melomind)

The internet is now a big part of dating and social interaction. Unfortunately, too many people get scathed on there in the form of  subtweeting. This song is all about how the love interest throughout the album has made her feelings known via Twitter and finally, the boys have had enough. Retweet retweet they feel the same way.

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RT RT I feel the same way

Not you it's me cause that's what you say

I'm on my knees but baby don't stay

Here anymore

RT RT I see how you think

And I think I need a new drink

RT so fast so baby don't blink

I'm out the door


I can't believe it that you left me feeling so alive

You floored the throttle on my heart straight into overdrive

I couldn't swerve you fast enough to save my troubled mind

Left waiting on the line

I just hope that you can find some peace so deep in hell

20 months ago you pulled me in under your spell

Loved you but you took advantage of me and my wealth

I'll focus on myself

Your life your choice, not locked in

Twitter fingers turned into voice boxing

Fists get clenched when you leak my sins

Leave scorched earth underneath my timbs

Internet jason, Meyers, Kruger

Taking down accounts don't test this luger

Get a new life I'll get the movers

You remind me too much of a hoover

Girl you suck you sick you a bitch

If you gonna mention my name better tag it

If your best friend on twitter imma bag it

Retweet revenge that's a habit

Only got a hundred 40

Tryna pull a hundred shortys

Just know that I'm on your side

Not really tryna get reported


Can't sleep can't sleep

Know you feel the same way

Got back on my feet but walking the wrong way

Subtweets subtweets

Ion care what you think

Not anymore

Always thought my girl had my back

Winter move cold like that

12 winter jackets in the raq

Tryna see the city get it back

All we had to do is let it go

But u always had me saying no

Laughed when I told ya I could rap

Now u always try to hit me back

Red phone straight ignore

Hell got a circle just for you

Steady throw the oo-op for the crew

Always say you drank too much

Call my phone neva giving up

Think I give a fuck

I keep my twitter on tuck

Yaint even seen wild yet

I think I need a new drink

Don't @ me fuck did u think

I do not scroll through yo shit

Fuck yo opinions ya bish

I think ya thoughts for the birds

Fuck any headline ya heard

Imma just shine on the gram

Curve u in front of your mans

Froggy best leap if he can

Squad be some dangerous men

Savage be gunning ya friends

I'm just saying

We never played in the minors

DM shots all fire

All my shit gets admired... like

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Retweet retweet


Performance - M. Watts, S. Crane

Production - Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, S. Crane

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