OP $av. - Pray (produced by Melomind)

The concept for the Pray video was a drunken stumble as the boys try to find their way in this new, yet very familiar, city of Chicago. Late night drives, drinking, and hanging in parking lots, CRZY and NSNE struggle with what it means to be home.

The only clean song on the album, entirely written by CRZY. Pray is all about rolling through the city late at night thinking about your life. As we found out the feelings of our love interest on RT, this is a personal reaction by CRZY as he rides alone through a late summer Chicago night.


Pray –


I been rolling thru the city finna spark up innis piece

I been praying every day and still won't ever see no peace

City hot up in the summer talking 98 degrees

Father father please forgive me boutta let this trigger squeeze

Pick up the flow

Never be switchin just playin the show

Shuttin it down and we hittin the road

Mobbin so hard always stick to the code

Hey hey

Mob on the El

With a few models they comin as well

Never did trip off the records we sell

We just move dope n we doin it well

Gang gang

How do we stay at the top?

OP we never gon flop

Chillin at dinner with lobster

Tour gang we doin it proper

Handle it just like a mobster

All of yo homies imposters

We do not play with the fakes

Kicking it right by the lake

I do not pray for the riches

Still always counting the digits

Roll windows down thru the city

Off a 9 shots call me 50

I'm off  the vodka like 50

Stay with the power I'm 50

Imma do this til I'm 50

Kobe we goin for 60

I think I'm outta control

Driving so loose on the road

So CrZY I need a jacket

Yo team and management lackin

I do not trust you at all

Mufasa I'm lettin em fall

Wildabeast up in the booth

CRZY NSNE we da truth

Pray for a mean verse

take two

Make two takes when I skate thru

It's Mr.

Piss off all yo relatives

when you be rockin in your crib

I never say I cook da dope

But we both know I'm sellin it

They are not here on my level

Mike cook the bass and the treble

Imma just write til I'm dead

I don't feel straight in my head

I think so outta the box

I think I've had it wit opps

Why are you looking so greasy?

Can't ya see none of this easy

They cannot ever defeat me

Rap or the writtens it had to be written

From rags and a civic to bags n a Bentley

I don't like talking about the specifics

The fact is the witness is coming up missin

If you ever hatin or planning on snitching

Or sending a sentence

Don't need the attention

We'll handle it quiet

In every dimension

That's for the sneak dissa

Don't think I ever can see you

All your smiles is see through

My squad and gang is so lethal

I cannot pray for ya

Got nothing to say for ya

Just stay out the way if we dropping a tape

Or ya might end up losing ya date partner


Performance - S. Crane, M. Watts

Production - Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - S. Crane

Videography - J. Kraft

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