OP $av. - Karate Kidd Freestyle (produced by Melomind)

Based on NSNE's extensive karate background, the video concept for "Karate Kidd" takes place in the basement dojo in his Oak Park home. This simple idea ended up being one of the group's favorite videos from the project.

At the end of a tape like this, its important to know where we stand in the world. Our love interest may not really love us, we may not succeed in the exact ways we imagined for ourselves, but we need to hold sight of who really matter. Family, friends, ourselves? You're the world champ of being you and we'll keep kicking and punching our way to the top.


Karate Kidd Freestyle –



I been kicking screaming punching my way to the top

I been dreaming bout a life where I never flop

working on my technique when I milly rock

hit them with the leg sweep before the clock stops

bitch I might wanna fight no gloves on

I’m a fighter not a lover what it was son

I can see it in your eyes

that you’re plotting my demise

mother fucker

this a fist fight

But I always got a gun

hating on the style

hating on the form

world champ flow

fighting off a storm

aiming for the top spot

whole crew too hot

hit them with the rude block

boom boom

yak yak

J Chan

Jet Lee

2 xans

Big weed

Van Dam


That’s trap house karate

Trapping out the dojo

life is moving slow mo

Win another gold though

take another roll hoe

cause we going over seas

take a flight to Belize

knock him out, win a G

Eyes shut can’t see

need ice for your knees

bitch nigga please

this that podium flow

you on sodium


we aint folding this that team fight

bitch nigga get your team right

mixing gin in my lean right

doesn’t seem right

move on for a clean night

overdose on a bean this a dream right

Yes lord

I’ve been training hard

breaking bricks taking shots in the back yard

turned my senpai straight to a trap star

got him whipping in the kitchen with the mask off

wax off

front flip

back flip



man I got my ass kicked

chilling in the traffic

call me shaolin fantastic

find another bad bitch

make her do some mad tricks


grab it

shit I gotta have it

new black belt got me feeling like a savage

nigga I’m a shogun

Emma live lavish


plus you know I’m mad rich

Trapping out the temple

shit this my god flow

everything I’m meant for

shit only god knows

honor and the bravery

girl there aint no saving me

God no

I just hope they will remember me

John doe

move fast then we stop on a dime

I got a lot of people asking me to teach them the rhyme

but I always say no cause I aint got time

Its just an empty hand life and I’m finna get mine

J Chan

Jet Lee

2 xans

Big weed

Van Dam


That’s trap house karate



Performance - M. Watts

Production - Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts

Videography - J. Kraft

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