OP $av. - Feel It [feat. Allie B] (produced by Melomind)

The concept for Feel It was created to be a one shot video through the largest party possible. The "friends" of the group decided to flake last minute. Nonetheless, the boys of OP $av. powered through with the help of some lovely ladies who also graduated their high school. Shoutout to OPRFHS for making cool connections possible.

After a long summer, we finally land on the infamous "cuffing season". The Boys of OP $av. are looking for Ms. Right and can only hope to find her by shooting their shot. Unfortunately, Ms. Right, as sang by Allie B, sees through the paper thin game these guys are laying down. She tells them to come correct next time, but we can tell it's not over yet.


Feel It (feat. Allie B) –


(Allie B)

I hear it on your words

Your game is too rehearsed

Change it up boy

If you want to ever take me home



I can feel it coming up

From my stomach

Not enough

Cause I love it

Give it up to me baby

Every day

drive me crazy


Got the juice

In my liver

I just want to make you quiver

Keep me warm as I shiver

Hoping you take

I'm a giver


Bought a drink

Now we dance the night away

Honey tell me what you think

Would you sip on some rozay

Wearing leather with the mink

Fuck what peta gotta say

Im just tryna have some fun

Livin fast



What we talking bout drinks

Girl I know the bartender

Tell me what's your name

Can't seem to remember

Take another sip

Wake up from the bender

Need her on my hip

So my legs don't surrender


Trapping out the bar

Got the whole crew wylin

Liquor all around

If you sober that's an island

Smoke on my brain

Weighing heavy on my eyelids

Fuck another side chick

I'm in love with my bitch


Loving life

Keep her moving all night

Do her right

While these phonies all wrong

I was scheming all along

Look at you

Baby girl you too cute

I talking at ya

Tryna figure out what to do

Lemme get you something


(Allie B)

I hear it on your words

Your game is too rehearsed

Change it up boy

If you want to ever take me home


Speaking with a slur

You were just talking to her

Pack it up boy

But first I will take that rum n coke


Hey shawty watchu sipping what ya name is?

I ain't even really tripping off the lane switch

Bartender finna pour up the tequila

I'm tryna lock the booty down can I feel ya?

Show stop when you walk in the door

Cold like it's U.K. don't fuck wit da snow

I got my Honda Civic wimme if you ready to roll

And I know it's aint the move

But next week it's the rolls


I've tried it all before

Tryna get you through that door

I know ya feel the sa-ame

Don't you play no mo no

Uh the way you move it make the time stop

Drop back it up make it bounce until the clock stop

I'm tryna get ya titties poppin out the crop top

Flip it over get you wetter than a raindrop

Did it last week, you know I'll hit the same spot

Have you bouncing on the boy playing hop scotch

Noises fuckin with the neighbors let em eavesdrop

Then she hit me with that look like boy stop



(Allie B)

I hear it on your words

Your game is too rehearsed

Change it up boy

If you want to ever take me home



All the homies off the dank in the club

Spending bank in the club

Don't thank in the club

All my homies off the drank in the club

You should put them hands up

High up in the club girl


If you tryna ditch ya mans in club

Maybe you should holla at my mans in the club

Maybe y'all could pop a couple xans in the club


Get handsy and drunk get ya dancing and stuff


Performance - M. Watts, S. Crane, A. Bowers

Production - Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, S. Crane

Videography - M. Matigian

Video Performers - V. Beilinson, P. Adams, J. Martinez, A. Diana, M. Watts, S. Crane

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