OP $av. - T.L.C. (Technologic Love Carols) -EP

As the series comes to an end, the final episode provides a place for the group to spill out their unabridged feelings to the audience: joy, grandeur, curiosity, and gratitude for those who listened. Now that the series is over, the group can move on to the bigger and better things their influences, mentors, collaborators, and this album prepared them for.

The final episode of the $avcast brings us full circle through the whole project. We get a trippy visual for Don't Leave Me from NSNE, which transitions into a video for Thank You which brings clips from the $avcast, the recording process, and the personal experience that made this entire project possible. OP $av. wants to thank anyone who supports us, and we hope you can feel that in this video. 

Videography: A. Hartnett, M. Watts, E. Oppenheimer, A. Warren, S. Crane

Acting: A. Warren, F. Cunningham, E. Oppenheimer, D. Berkon, Cat, T. Howell, M. Watts, S. Crane, J. Barbash

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Thanks for checking us out! OP $av. forever.

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