OP $av. -Rap Game Elon Musk (produced by Melomind)

One of the catchier songs on the album, this braggadocios and synthetic track sees the group get back to being mentally creative and focusing on the science of school and music. Sampling Elon Musk at the end, the group ponders how to be successful in uncharted territory going forward, knowing they’re destined to do much more than they have so far.

Rap Game Elon Musk –  



Money bags 

Empty on my favorite tag 

OP picking up the slack 

Sorry mom I'll get you back 

Dropping these tracks 

See you spent 50 on that 

Can't produce can't even rap 

I do it all by myself 

Don't need a team for my wealth 

Blew that cloud right out the roof 

I smoke a blunt of the truth 

Saying you all about bands 

No I don't want to be friends 

I took her out on a dinner date 

She said she want it and couldn't wait 

Smash it, we breaking the dinner plates 

Hit it no condom but wasn't late 

Popping the finger right the state 

Flipping and moving out trap estate 

Dropping a album before the tape 

Copping a flight going straight to space 

Rap game Elon musk 

I go to mars with these bars 

Puffing on the dust 

You know he laced the cigar 

Must be the IQ 

That's how we made it this far 

Electric with these women 

when I'm driving my car 

You know I coulda been a doctor 

Saving lives and living proper 

I stopped to make a dollar 

Got the juice if you want some holler 



Rap game Elon Musk 

Shawty what’s the deal 

Why you actin goofy letting Jesus grab the wheel 

Man I’m too drunk 

I can’t hang 

Rolling through the city 

Drop top thang 

With a lil tree up in my brain and a cheap little buzz off bad champagne 

Girl you better stay up in your lane, yeah 

Can’t really ever take a break, yeah 

Smoke clouds in your face, yeah 

Know it get cold by the lake, yeah 

Bitch I’m Elon Musk 

Charge em up 

Never sleep up in the kitchen while we cook up all these cuts 

She just chill at your crib 

While she smoke up all your dutch, I feel insulted 

I’m a genius 

Can’t you see 

I guess I gotta take the lead, bitch Elon Musk 



Rap game Elon Musk 

All these hoes charged up 

Focused on the mission cause you know that that's a must 

Future made by us 

Pipe game never rust 

Solar system cruising got my left foot on the clutch 

You know it's rap game Elon Musk 


Run it, run it 

No whip here get running 

Catch me on mars just stunting 

Brand new space ship count blue hundreds 



On a star not constrained by the gravity 

Saving human race from depravity 



Performance - S. Crane, M. Watts

Production - J. Winbigler, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, S. Crane

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