OP $av. - Usually [Feat. Dankrupt] (produced by Melomind)

A creative masterpiece from the mind of Ty, this catchy song ties together the former direction of Dankrupt while fitting into the current direction of the new group. Ty doesn’t usually appear on songs and he makes it well known through the hook. Catchy verses and a soulful breakdown round out the co-production.

Usually (ft. Dankrupt) – 




World champ call me Tyson no chicken 

I'm moving on to the money don't mug me crooked no nixon 

I'm talking Benjamin franklin 

Don't need no dead presidents 

I got them deals and we slangin 

We gotta cover the vents 

I got so many white owls 

You would think that I know magic 

And we conjured up the beat 

Just to make you bump n blast it 

Flow elastic 

Got some drop then imma bag it 

When I re up from my dealer 

hit him up and he's like 

Paper or plastic 

Ready to go 


Touring we out on the road 

Kill (Still) 

Stun gun I'm changing the mode 


Covered in diamonds and gold 


Buying Gucci, Vlone, and dolce 

Can't pronounce the shit 

Got an iPad for my dog 

Now that's accomplishment 

Seen some groupies at our show 

Get tossed into the pit 

Screaming Dankrupt we love you guys 

We knew it Bitch 

Getting rich 

Late nights 

Early morning 

In the stu 

We recording 

Caught you snoring 

Y'all are boring 

Double Jordan 

We be scoring 



I don’t usually rap this much 



Too lit for television 

Hot head, I’ll never listen 

Lord please, please forgive him 

Sinnin’ tryna get this win in 

Double cup got me geeked up 

Dankrupt time to tee up 

Check the board don’t believe us 

Score rising like Jesus 


I don’t usually rap this much 



But I think I kinda suck 

Why you reaching for my dutch 

Yo you better watch it yuck 

You aint even tryna fuck 

Cause you know I got the sauce 

Ya you know I got the juice 

Whole squad looking bool 

Ya you better check your cool 



Ya you better check your crew 

Or you'll be on the morning news 

Found cement tied to your shoes 

Got your fam singing the blues 

Tipping slowly 

Gotta keep you haters lowly 

Cause you all must be so lonely 

Only tweeting trash on twitter but at me you act so phony 

Thought we were homies 

Looking knock off like your yeezys 

All you want to do diss me, miss me with that 



I don’t usually rap this much 



This the part of the song where I usually say some dumb shit 

Walk out 

Dankrupt 2017 it’s lit


Performance - T. Sealy, M. Watts

Production - T. Sealy, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, T. Sealy

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