OP $av. - PEDsunrise -EP

This episode serves as the product of the use of substances for creativity. The party environment and drug culture of college is consuming and leads to new experiences, both good and bad.

The fourth episode in the series begins with a visual and song from the enigmatic brain of Tyrone Sealy. The music is about being on drugs and being wrapped up in it. Frankie Cunningham perfectly juxtaposes the vibe with an insightful interview on the beauty and dichotomy of being a creative scientist. More poetic interruptions from CRZY compliment the vibe as a whole.

Videography: E. Oppenheimer, S. Barkhudarova

Acting: R. England, S. Crane, F. Cunningham

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Check back each week for another episode of music and more videos! OP $av. will be releasing for 5 weeks straight!

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