OP $av. - (West Coast) Wake Up -EP

The second episode is the idea of waking up from the idyllic haze of relationships, and realizing that a significant other or life isn’t always as perfect as it seems. In this episode, the audience gets both the male and female perspectives on a relationship gone sour. More literally, the episode begins with CRZY waking up on a West Coast beach.

Sticking with the theme of the music, episode 2 brings us a wake up call from the west coast. CRZY skates us through the Isla Vista streets to show off the palm trees, and we encounter a pretty girl playing video games. Finally, we get a collaboration from Hunter Willz, as he spits a hot freestyle over the Palm Trees instrumental. Enjoy this west coast themed episode of the #$avcast!

Videography: A. Hartnett, S. Crane

Acting: A. Warren, S. Crane, H. Wills

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