OP $av. - Mood Music (produced by Melomind)

The first episode closes with a mellow and flowing track, which upon close examination contains sinister undertones. As the choices our protagonist has made start to affect the ones around him, a much darker side lurks around the corner. Waves at the end serve like an incoming tide that floats the audience into the next episode.

Mood Music – 



Lying awake 

Time to get up to something 

They're a phone call away 

The homies are coming 

Take the L down to lake 

To the water running they won't hear 

Ash on my J's 

Bottle no agua 

The kid do not play 

Hit the bar for another 

Music making them say 

Move the posse down to the pier 

Playing through the speakers hear the melody the rhythm 

Laughing to myself I know the only thing that's hidden 

Under all the fun I got a bitter poison better than gold 

Laying down the bass I hear the low end getting louder 

Pistol shots to the face so now they can't control the power 

If you understand but one thing know that I will never do what I'm told 



Do what you’re told 

Lights down low 

Shawty bounce that ass like a new yo-yo 

Just watch that thing hit the floor 

Like you don’t already know 

You bout to slide to the crib 

Finna beat it some more 

I got my backstroke in action baby just tell me what’s happening 

Spending 20s no Jacksons 

She in the tub man splashing 

On her baddest behavior  

She got that shit in her nature 

She just inhaling the vapor 

While she smoking her paper 

And I’m really bout to ask like “how you do that there?” 

Type of ass got you screaming, “Baby you not fair!” 

Company so rare, attitude so player 

Type of girl’ll keep you guessing for the whole damn year 

Now put your hands up 

If you bad and you crazy get your bands up 

If you only drive Mercedes you Boujee 

A lot of girls talk like they knew me, all them bitches goofy 

C’mon baby let’s make a movie I won’t treat you like a groupie 


Mood music in my head 

I do whatever it says to me 

Always being misread 

I guess it’s better I stay lonely 




You ever get that feeling? 

Like the falling in love feeling? 

Like you’re, floating on top of a cloud 

But the cloud isn’t really isn’t a cloud at all, it’s entirely bubblegum 

And the more you relax, the more it sticks 

Annoying shoe sole summer sickness 

To the bottom of your heart 

So your Aeortic valve decides to skip a few pumps 

Just to savor the full flavor 

And you find yourself 

Light-headed back-to-front forward facing nowhere 

And you start saying corny shit like, “I miss you.” 



Man I've seen the worst 

This one ain't my first 

It's a music curse 

Can't avoid a hearse  

I guess no one can 

Need a helping hand 

Getting to the root of things I just can't understand 

Slip the knowledge in 

Spike the collagen 

Tell the crew goodnight but when you black I'm back to holla then 

Pack a bowl of stress 

Get it off my chest 

Let me at it when I'm done you can come claim the rest 

Marco Polo 

Man I'm on my solo dolo 

All this purple keeps me so low  

Till I'm leaning like a cholo 

Living on the brink of life 

21 years Issa knife 

No more waiting time to hype 

Now you feel it kicking right 

Let the room spin to black 

Body limp you're on your back 

Feeling like a heart attack 

You love the fact I'm in control 

Never let your system fold 

Blink if you would be so bold 

Just before your body cold 

Hope we live until we're old, gold, souls 


Mood music in my head 

(Where you tryna go) 

I do whatever it says to me 

Always being misread 

(You know I gotta go) 

I guess it's better I stay lonely 



Performance - M. Watts, S. Crane

Production - Melomind Pro. Co., M. Seyers

Writing - M. Watts, S. Crane

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