Melomind - Chocolate [Gene Wilder Tribute] (produced by CJKnowsBest)

Gene Wilder, honestly I’ve always been more of a Gene Kelly fan myself, but Mr. Wilder went to my alma mater, University of Iowa. When he died, rest in peace, I felt that I needed to release something special. I found the beat on YouTube and immediately could hum the tune of “Pure Imagination,” from Willy Wonka, over it. I recorded me singing and made it part of the beat. Next I crafted a rap as a metaphor for just wanting to indulge yourself. I hope Mr. Wilder would be proud and I hope he’s indulging in a better place as we speak. Chocolate?


Performance - M. Watts

Production - CJKnowsBest, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts

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