Deacon T. Newsome - I'm Gonna Serve Him (produced by Melomind)

My uncle is a damn character. At certain points he can almost become a caricature of himself, this “piece” definitely catches him in one of those moments. At a holiday dinner, my uncle, Deacon Travis Newsome, showed me a YouTube video of a spoken word poem/rap that he made called, “I’m Gonna Serve Him”. Needless to say, I was blown away. He wanted me to put it to music so of course I hopped on the opportunity. I found some gospel piano chords to sample online and crafted drums, bass, and a few other minor instruments around his speech. I released it to him on his birthday. Travis loves the outcome, so do I!


Performance - T. Newsome

Production - M. Watts, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, T. Newsome

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