Stories of Bryen - Change [In The House of Flies] (produced by Melomind)

There were a lot of firsts for us as Stories of Bryen on this EP. This was our first studio cover. Although we made our start in high school making videos of acoustic covers, this Deftones song was our first attempt at someone else’s song in the studio. Matt first played out the live piano which I took home to work on for a couple days. After chopping up the sample, adding drums and a whole slew of synths, I gave the beat back to Matt who recorded the original vocals from Chino. There was a long instrumental tail at the end which originally was supposed to ride out, but after some convincing, Matt wrote a killer rap verse to round out the jam. I love this song and we still haven’t been able to top that metal cover yet.


Performance - M. Matigian, M. Watts

Production - M. Watts, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - S. Carpenter, C. Cheng, A. Cunningham, C. Moreno

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