Rowdy Rough Boys - Let's Be Frank (produced by Melomind)

Papa Frank! I feel terrible that this song was made, but it’s a straight banger and that outweighs any guilt I could ever feel. The house dad of my fraternity was simultaneously an active member of it at the same time. He tended to get tyrannical sometimes and The Rowdy Rough Boys (as protectors of everything righteous) felt the need to call him out on some… shortcomings. From the beat, sampling Your Woman by White Town, to the lyrics filled with inside jokes and low-brow humor alike, to the guitar solo and beat change up, this song has everything and its release numbers spoke for themselves. Tailgate after tailgate Saturday this song played through our fraternity loud speakers. Too bad for Papa Frank, who was also the university band manager, we found a twitter profile looking for a song about him. Already having this gem in our back pockets, Rowdy Rough sent it into the twitter account and the band took off with it. I can’t imagine how bad that was, and I definitely have some regrets and reservations about it. Almost 1,000 plays later though, I think everyone has moved on. Sorry, Papa F!


Performance - M. Watts, A. Kirk, J. Koellner

Production - M. Watts, J. Mishra, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Watts, A. Kirk

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