Dankrupt - Reminisce [Lean Out The Water Bottle] (produced by Melomind)

“Reminisce” was actually two different beats thrown together, its very apparent. In our California rush to finish this album, Sam and I decided to make a beat sampling The Blackbyrds, “Mysterious Vibes.” After slowing it down and creating the beginning, Sam said it needed a switch-up. We searched through my crate of old beats and found the banger that comes in halfway through the song. We placed the sample under the second beat too and the cohesion was complete. The trickiest part was for Sam to bridge the beats in his verse. I think we did well.

Performance - M. Watts, S. Crane

Production - M. Watts, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - S. Crane, M. Watts, N. Nelson

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