a-ha - Take On Me (Melomind Remix)

My friend Matt’s brother was starting a YouTube channel around the time of this EP’s release. He asked if I could do an electronic remix of the Reel Big Fish cover of A-Ha’s take on me (wow, that’s a lot). I wasn’t too keen on the idea of using new synths, I thought it wouldn’t work well with the original sample so I just cut it up to create the drop. My favorite part is the tiny trap breakdown about halfway through. “Taaaaaake oooon meeeeee!"


Performance - M. Furuholmen, M. Harket, P. WaakTaar

Production - M. Watts, J. Ratcliff, A. Tarney, Melomind Pro. Co.

Writing - M. Furuholmen, M. Harket, P. WaakTaar

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