Dankrupt - Metaphorically Hot Boxin' the Bounce House

This was my first album. I had made EP’s before, and singles, obviously, but an album was a different undertaking. Metaphorically Hotboxin’ the Bounce House was a conglomerate of really all the best music we had made as Dankrupt since the very beginning. Some of the songs, like Bueller, had been around since the very first tape, but others were rushed together at the last second. Sophomore year of college, I took a trip out to Santa Barbra, California for my spring break. There, I stayed with long time collaborator and Dankrupt member, Sam. We worked for a whole week cleaning up songs that we’d had forever and making a couple new ones. In the end, this album probably has the best flow of anything I’ve made to date. Although it has high and low points, listening the whole way through is an experience.

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